World War Two Memorial Dedication

We at VMMV feel privileged providing vehicles to salute our veterans
at the dedication of the WWII memorial. It is our mission to remember
and portray the courage and commitment of these and all veterans to
future generations.

Veterans, if you are in any of the pictures below and would like a copy. E-mail us at with the number under the picture and an e-mail address that we may send it to.

Leaving the shop.
Arrival at the mall.
Display in Motor Pool.
A great view.
Picture 001
Picture 002
Picture 003
Great views.
Getting ready for the day.
Picture 004
Picture 005
Picture 006
Picture 007
Picture 008
Picture 009
Grampa drove one like this.
Setting up for the day.
Traffic on dedication day.
Most used WWII cargo truck.
Great weather for the dedication.
Picture 010
Picture 011
Picture 012
Picture 013
Picture 014
Picture 015
Picture 016
Picture 017
The WWII Memorial