VMMV in England

VMMV visits England Museums and War & Peace Show

VMMV Group left to right. Bruce Oppenhagen, Allan Cors, Scott Larson, Marc Sehring, Richard Isner and Larry Tucker. Our visit to the U.K. was to learn about museum displays from persons who know how to do it well and to acquire vehicles and spare parts.
Our first visit the REME Museum of Technology. The museum director LtCol. (Retd) I W J Cleasby MBE (center front) gave a great tour and related how items were stored, cataloged and displayed. A history of the Royal Engineers is well presented.
Scott checks out a rare Sherman Beach Retriever made to remove wreckage during the Normandy landings June 6, 1944. This vehicle shows the attention to detail at REME Museum.
On to Duxford, pictured is the one of the original control and plotting rooms used by the RAF during the Battle for Briton and through out W.W.II.
The group in the land warfare building at Duxford. The dioramas are realistic as you can see. The work involved in this presentation is done to perfection.
This is one of the Tigers in Saving Private Ryan built up on T-34 chassis. They sure looked good in the film. You can see a real one at Bovington Tank Museum.
Another view of the work at Duxford. This P-51 is in the process of a complete rebuild. As in our operation volunteers help us out in some of the restoration. We do the same with our armor from the ground up.
On to the War and Peace show. The show is spread out over acres at the Hop Farm at Beltring. Over a 1000 vendors, 3000 plus military vehicles from all countries and periods. It takes a day just to see all of the vehicles. Rex Cadman who organizes the event has indicated that next years show will be even larger and longer. We will keep you posted.
Bob Fleming who helped announce our last open house cranks up his OT810 for a ride to the arena where all the vehicles strut their stuff.
Just one of the vendor tents in the market. You can spend days looking at collectible's, parts and what you can't find any where else.
An early Sherman waiting for a good restoration. Bruce with his Kittenrad behind him. It was also used in Saving Private Ryan where it almost turned over along with Bruce's heart. Whew........
Looking over some of the many displays which range from W.W.I to Desert Storm. What a show !!!!
A searchlight and 40MM Bofors adorn the green in front of the Hop Farm Barns. A scene that could have appeared over 60 years ago at this very location. Our trip was a great learning experience and we met and made many new friends. Thanks to all of our host for a memorable visit. VMMV