Jordan Standard



His Majesty King Abdullah II
King of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Royal Standard

With preparations in place, the reception is ready.
The arrival of His Majesty King Abdullah II
The weather did not dampen the visit at all.
Allan receiving King Abdullah II.
As the group looks on Allan gives a description on the mission at VMMV.
King Abdullah II, Allan, and Marc conversing armor restoration.
The British WWII Valentine created an interesting discussion.
Now on to the pole barns where later vintage armor is stored.
At the pole barn King Abdullah II found a Ferret Armored Car marked from his tour in the 13th/18th Battalion of the Royal Hussars (British Army). Allan Cors, Tatianna Sehring, His Majesty King Abdullah II, Larry Tucker, and Marc Sehring after a excellent visit.