Open House 2003


ShiftyPowers 101st Abn, Easy Co, 506 PIR relates his W.W.II experiences Normandy to Berchtesgaden.
LtCol Fetterman 3rd Bn, 187Inf and LtCol Hughes 2nd Bn, 327Inf spoke of the dedication and extraordinary abilities of soldiers in the 101st Abn in Iraq.
Phil Schreier NRA reporter just returned from the 101st Abn in Iraq
LtCol Hughes 2nd Bn, 327Inf, Cpl Forrest Guth Easy Co, 506 PIR, LtCol Fetterman 3rd Bn, 187Inf and Sgt. Shifty Powers Easy Co, 506 PIR - 60 years of 101st Abn.
Sands of HISTORY
Forrest Guth and Shifty Powers 101st Abn, Easy Co, 506 PIR with Allan Cors after a roundtable session with the audience.
Hal Goldstein pressure cleaning a Chaffee M24 for open house.
Ben and Marc checking out batteries to be sure of starting power.
Col. Neal Nealis sorting out T-shirts for the event.
Bruce Oppenhagen putting the final touch on the M16 Quad 50 track.
Displays in Hanger placed with care for our museum friends to view.
Hanger Views.
Hanger Views.
15th RECCE British Historical Group

W.W.I Living History Group
[Photo W.F. Vanderpool]

29th Division Historical Group
Russian Historical Group
82nd Airborne Historical Group
[Photo W.F. Vanderpool]
WWII German Historical Group
Cold War Historical Group
[Photo W.F. Vanderpool]
Military Vehicle Club
Matt showing visitor rifle from his collection.
Shifty Powers 101st Abn, Easy Co, 506 PIR and John Sulek
John Billeter's T-34 with Russian soldiers
Laser Shot is a great hit with the younger set.

Complete story about Lee in
[Photo W.F. Vanderpool]

M18, a 2-year restoration. Pictures later in "TANKTALK" along with the French Panhard armored car to the left.[Photo W.F. Vanderpool]