Located at Ft. Knox near the Patton Museum is a unique building. The LST Building is an example of early joint forces' operations. The Army, Navy, and British Admiralty contributed to its design, construction and use. The experiments conducted in the LST Building resulted in the modification of the design of LST Ships used to transport tens of thousands of troops in WWII.
View from left front
View from left front
View from right front
Two LSTs unloading men and supplys
Notice the odd shaped roof lines
On the LST Ship these doors were in the bow above the waterline
View from rear right side
View from rear left side
After completion of the experiments, troops received training in tank embarkation and debarkation techniques in the LST Building. Since the 1970's the LST Building has been used to store antique tanks.
Interior view towards the bow (Front)
The overhead girders are replicated from plywood and appear as ship interior
This is how the tank deck looked including the overhead heating system Armor stored for the Patton Museum On top of one of the tanks looking forward to loading / unloading ramp
The LST Building replicated every detail of the tank deck of an LST Ship including replication of interior girders and rivets. Details of the upper deck of an LST Ship, such as the pilot house and railing were also replicated. Since the tank deck rides below water the building originally had no windows. They were added when the building was used as a classroom.
View of pipe lines on the tank deck   Stored armor
Stored armor Stored armor Stored armor